So the big day is approaching.
All of your planning and preparation will finally come together, at your beautiful outdoor country side wedding.
Only one thing remains.

To install a dance floor, or not to install a dance floor, that is the question.dancfloor

Uneven Terrain + No dance floor = her heels getting stuck in the dirt while trying to do the electric slide and his shoes building a Museum size collection of mud and grass.

The guests are tripping over stick and stones and no one wants to break their bones while grooving to the beat of Justin Timberlake “Can’t stop the feeling”.


Uneven terrain + Hiring HandyBoys for dance floor installation= the bride sliding across the floor, dipping and twirling with elegance and grace, and the groom? Enjoying the sight of his new wife busting some fab moves,while he glides like butter to the rhythm of Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk”.


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