Live DJ Mixes


This Live DJ Mixes page is to showcase my talent and work flow when I’m entertaining (DJing). Every party or event is different from the next, what I play today will not work for tomorrow. My job is to select / predict the right song, for the right time, for the audience, and to keep the music flowing in that order.

This live dj mixes page is to give you a small insight as to the genre range and my style of mixing. I love mixing and blending from genres to genres, spanning many eras of good upvibes music.

What make us different from the other DJs? ” It’s Music Delivery – mixing the right music, at the right time”.

As DJ Entertainers we all play the same playlist, google search party playlist. The top songs are “relevant – predictable and generic must plays, but in my opinion a good DJ should mix and blend Classic and Current Hits to stand out as if he or she was generating something NEW and Refreshing.

Lastly there is no, “I want to Start the Party Now Switch”. A party must be cleverly built and given adequate time. Please enjoy our Live Mixes and check back for more.

Turn Up the Volume and Enjoy!