So I received several calls yesterday including from my wife and a good friend, that after stepping away from their machines the computer automatically started to upgrade to windows 10 without any real notification. The truth of the matter is that they tried to postpone the task for quit a while, now Microsoft remarketed the prompted to force the end users to make the switch.

The choices are “Upgrade Now” or “Later” you don’t have much of an option here “NAGWARE”


If you click on “remind me later” or “schedule later” then you’re basically stuck, once the system is in idle mode, Microsoft update process will begin its madness.

I love and support MS Windows for personal preferences and professional responsibilities, but the tricky tactics being used to lure users to upgrade without an opt-out option, this makes me frustrated.

I feel they are bullying and pressuring the user end to accept their push to get everyone off of windows 7 and 8.1,
this will help the MS Company stop the support roles for legacy Operating System,

SOLUTION: If you would like to hang on to you windows 7 please call Handyboys Technology at 860-318-5557.
we have several software and professional hacks to disable the MS upgrade.

Remember: upgrading to windows 10 is filled with bugs and might not be seamless or successful, if you have an older computer with older hardware, your system can BSOD or fail.

Call Handyboys Technical Support Services @860-318-5557 for all computer questions